What is the best energy drink alternative?


Korah Honig

Kiersten Francisco enjoys having her daily Bangs.

Korah Honig , Writer

Energy drinks are a big hit at St. Louis High School with the senior slump, exams, and extracurriculars at an all-time high. The question is, which is the best?

Celsius is a trending drink that is popular among SLHS students. Its stock has increased more than 300 percent in the last year.  Celsius market fitness-oriented beverages to expand the energy drink category. They are very popular among people who are into fitness. The brand originally created the drink as a pre workout, but has expanded much since then. People have the drink on the go, replacing a morning cup of coffee, during their workouts, and more. 

Senior Peyton Allen found the brand about a month ago and absolutely loves it. She said, “Celcius are the best alternative to energy drinks due to their many beneficial factors. There are many great flavors, but peach vibe would be my favorite.” Celsius has more natural flavored drinks with 12 flavors: strawberry guava, fuji apple pear, kiwi guava, wild berry, orange, wild berry, watermelon, grape rush, cola, acai green tea, peach mango green tea, and grapefruit. 

The brand also prides itself on being a healthier alternative compared to other energy drinks. According to the CELSIUS website, “CELSIUS stands out against other brands because it’s made with healthier ingredients such as ginger, guarana, green tea, and seven essential vitamins. Our drinks contain no sugar, no aspartame, no high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.” 

Many students also love to drink Bangs. Bang has zero calories, 300 milligrams of caffeine, and fun flavors! Some are cherry blade limeade, blue razz, candy apple crisp, key lime pie, and more! Senior Kiersten Francsico seems to always have a bang on hand. She drinks them to have energy for sports and just day-to-day activities. She commented, “They are my favorite because they have the most flavorful kinds and the most colorful cans. My favorite flavors are cherry blade limeade and candy apple crisp. Sometimes I really only drink them because they taste good and not even because they are energy drinks. I love them. 100/10.” 

Alani nu is an up-and-coming brand that has gained popularity in recent years. This brand stands out from the others because it doesn’t just sell energy drinks. Alani Nu has pre-workout, protein powder, multi-vitamins, and collagen as well. Kaylyn Collins can often be spotted in the hallways with an Alani nu drink in her hand. She commented, “I am all for energy drinks, so when I usually see new ones come out I try them. Alani nu is by far one of my favorites. I have only tried four out of the many flavors. However, it’s not only the great taste that makes up how great they are. They only have about 10-15 calories in each can. After drinking one, I feel refreshed”

Monster Energy has definitely been around the longest, and yet it’s as popular as ever. As of 2019, Monster Energy has a 35 percent share of the energy drink market. Revenue has grown every year since it launched in 2002, topping $3 billion in 2016. McKenzie Smith said, “Monsters are my favorite because they have a good variety of flavors and it’s just the first energy drink I’ve ever had. My favorite flavor is the pink rose one.” One thing to watch out for when consuming Monsters is that there are 28 grams of sugar per 8.4 ounces can. Drinking one of these daily can cause you to consume too much added sugar in your diet and put your health at risk. 

Personally, my favorite is Celsius. The flavors taste the most natural, it’s healthier, and goes well with workouts. The grapefruit flavor is very refreshing and I love having it before my volleyball practices. Our 7/11 doesn’t have that flavor though, so sometimes I opt for a piña colada flavored Bang.