Looking for A Way to Impress Your Crush?

Lilly Spencer , Writer

Valentines is right around the corner and the student council has been selling crush pops the past two weeks, at St. Louis High School for the students to have some February fun. 

The crush pop sale ended Feb. 9 Whoever is working for the student council. In the morning or at lunchtime is when students were able to purchase them. They were $1.00, the money doesn’t necessarily go towards anything. Except for the student council. The crush pops will be delivered the morning of Valentine’s Day on Feb. 12. 

With only two days left of this year’s crush pop sale, there were about five times more sales than in the previous years. Usually, the student council sells about 50 to 60 pops a year. This year, they sold 75 crush pops. By only selling 50 to 60 crush pops they were making around $35.00. 

The crush pops were not always sold by the student council. In fact, years ago, these were sold by the cheer team. Unfortunately, the cheer team stopped because they were not making enough money off of it. Then years later the student council picked the fundraiser backup. “I think it would be cool if the cheer team was the ones to sell the crush pops. It would give the school an old American feeling,” said Esmerelda Zapata. 

The only reason that the student council picked it back up was to have more fun things going on in the school. “ I think it is good that the student council started the crush pop sales again. It makes the school seem more fun,” said Lizzy Burt. When schools have things going on, it makes the students feel like they are not just stuck at a desk doing their school work. It makes school fun. 

Crush pops have been a part of St. Louis High School’s culture for a long time, even though it was almost lost. It is good to have things like crush pop sales. Things like this are what make SLHS have its own traditions.