SLHS students go to the FFA National Convention


Courtesy Photo

(left to right) Kylie Acker, Peyton Allen, Kiersten Francisco, Haylee Davis, Lauren Devine, and Madyson Hartman celebrate together after a long day of fun at the FFA convention.

Lilly Spencer , Writer

Mr. Bernia, and six of the  FFA members went to the National Convention and the Expo this past week, Oct. 27 – 29; this convention helps students to find out who they are and how they can help to change the world. 

“The National FFA Convention & Expo is all about growing the next generation of leaders,” stated Bernia. This convention helps students to find inspiration, passion, and direction. Young teens oftentimes lose the fire inside of them that keeps them doing what they love. That’s why conventions, like this one, are good for students to go to, to remind them how much they like to do something. 

Even though the FFA convention is only three days long, it still helps with kids socially and getting to know different kids from other schools. Being social with new people can help students learn things about themselves.  

The six students who went were: Kiersten Francisco, Haylee Davis, Peyton Allen, Madyson Hartman, Kylie Acker, and Lauren Devine. Here is what they have to say about the FFA convention. 

“Rodeo was my favorite,” said Hartman. Last year she was supposed to participate in going to the convention, but did not get to go. Fortunately, she was able to go this year.

“The rodeo was my favorite,” said Acker. For being her first year, she seemed to like it very well.

“My favorite thing about the convention was seeing all the hot cowboys,” said Devine. Another thing that she liked was the rodeo.

It is safe to say that the rodeo was definitely the most popular thing at the convention. Overall, this convention would not have been the same without all the amazing people and their personalities.