Best Halloween costumes at SLHS


Lilly Spencer

Curtis Brashaw sits and poses in his Halloween famous Bernie Sanders costume.

Lilly Spencer , Writer

St. Louis High School students dressed up in their Halloween costumes, Thursday Oct. 28, 2021. Not many dressed up, but the ones who did had good costumes. The costumes ranged from just wearing a mask to friend groups going as characters from T.V. shows. 

A sophomore friend group dressed up as the gang from Scooby-Doo, minus the Scoob. “The friend group goes very well with the characters,” said Samantha Simmons. Rowan Harris was Fred, Samantha Simmons was Velma, Carson Butcher was Shaggy, Lexie Thayer was Daphne. 

They picked their character by who they liked the most, except for Harris who said, “ Yeah we all picked who we wanted but me.” Fred was the last character to be chosen. It worked out well because the characters fit their personalities as well. 

Bethany Bowerman went as Bob Ross. She got a little artsy for this costume. For facial hair she went out and bought fake eyelashes, and she got the wig from her basement. 

“I didn’t know what to do, and I saw other people do it so I copied them,” said Bowerman.

Reece Giles went as Dwight Schrute, from The Office. He chose him as his Halloween costume because Dwight is his absolute favorite. There are nine seasons altogether and, “I have watched each episode about 12 times,” said Giles.

Curtis Bradshaw went as Bernie Sanders. Bradshaw said, “Well as soon as I realized I owned the same mittens it seemed iconic.” So what better way to recreate the meme and also dress up as someone who has tried to make a difference in America?” 

Overall, the number one costume was Bradshaw as Bernie Sanders. It is cool how Bradshaw has the same mittens as a famous person. His inspiration was a meme that went viral about Sanders falling asleep at President Biden’s inauguration.