St. Louis guys’ and girls’ cross teams compete at the Greater Lansing invitational


Courtesy Photo

Seniors Aaron Bowerman and Nate March work together through the tough conditions.

Aaron Bowerman, Staff Writer

The St. Louis guys’ and girls’ cross country teams ran well at the Greater Lansing invitational in Grand Ledge, Saturday, Oct 16.

The meet was extremely muddy and the course conditions have not quite been this bad in the last four years. The day, however, was a pleasant 55 degrees with some cloud coverage and gusts of wind up to 15 miles per hour. Both of the teams were able to make top ten; the girls finished seventh and the guys took fifth earning them a trophy. Coach Puffpaff stated, “Greater Lansing always has the toughest competition we face all season long. It’s a great chance to see where we stand against some of those bigger schools”  In addition to the challenging course there was also the best competition in the Lansing area. There were 18 division one and two teams. 

The Sharks also had six individual medalists for the day who ended up receiving polarized glasses with their medals. Jaiden Dickman stated, “ The medals and glasses were awesome. It felt very good to get such high quality glasses and a plaque. ” The boys’ medalists were Ben March who placed 12th, Nate March who placed 23rd , and Aaron Bowerman who scraped by in 25th place with only 30 places medalled for the day. On the girls’ side, medalist, were Jaiden Dickman who placed 16, Mikenna Borie 22nd, and Libby Munderloh 24th.

Running for the boys’ team that day was Ben March who had a time of 16:48., Nate March who had a time of 17:06, Aaron Bowerman who had a time of 17:09, Dylan Marr who had a time of 18:04, Landon Pestrue who had a time of 18:12, Thomas Zacharko who had a time of 18:17, and finishing out for the boys seventh spot was Colin Kuhn who ran a time of 18:27. Running for the girls’ team was Jaiden Dickman who ran a 19:57, Mikenna Borie who ran a 20:11, Libby Munderloh who ran a 20:14, Sela Delgado who ran a 22:07, Monika Borie who ran a time of 22:25, Payton Kuhn who ran a 22:38, and seventh that day was Jenna Able who ran a time of 23:06. The Sharks had a great meet and are looking forward to competing next in the All Conference Meet; where the teams hope to defend an All Conference title.