St. Louis High School Poms Pon Tryouts!


Autumn Mann

Poms’ members Kiersten Wenzlick, Sam Burt, and Mckenzie Smith practice their kick line!

Autumn Mann, Editor

St. Louis High School’s poms pon team held tryouts Sept. 8,9,10. Tryouts were held in the high school cafeteria from 5-7 p.m. Wednesday members were asked to wear black T-shirts, and black pants, Thursday grey T-shirts, and black pants, and for the final day members were asked to wear a red T-shirt and black pants. The poms’ team was worried about not having members but fortunately for them, tryouts pulled through and they officially got enough members. These members include freshman Elizabeth Burt, sophomore Mckenzie Smith, juniors Kiersten Wenzlick, Mary Jane Kenneth, and senior Samantha Burt. 

Poms Coach Amiee Taylor expressed, “I’m looking forward to competing this year as we weren’t able to last year with COVID regulations but also with not having enough for competition.” Taylor also stated, “I’m excited to be able to have a team that is just as excited as I am to perform at homecoming and complete a poms season!”

Senior Samantha Burt stated, “I’m sad that this is going to be my last year even though I plan on doing poms in college. I am definitely going to miss all the girls on our team.” She also expressed, “I’m looking forward to hopefully having a full season this year and having enough girls this year so we are able to compete!”  

Junior Kiersten Wenzlick has been on the poms team since her freshman year. She stated, “I really enjoy poms because it allows me to push myself.” Wenzlick looks forward to spending time with her team every single day. She continued, “We were worried about not having enough members at one time, but I believe if we continue and push ourselves we can have enough for competition.”  

Sophomore McKenzie Smith, who also has been in poms since her freshman year, expressed, “I like Poms because it keeps me busy and we get the chance to perform at states.” Smith is looking forward to this season because she can’t wait to perform more than last year due to COVID. She also stated, “I’m looking forward to getting to do more guy and girl dances along with the mock rock.”