Students react to Raya and the Last Dragon

Autumn Mann, Staff Writer

Disney has recently released a new animated movie, Raya and The Last Dragon. This movie is very unique and different. It brings specks of Asian cultures that some may not be used to. Raya and The Last Dragon tells an emotional story and keeps things real yet entertaining at the same time. This movie is a great film to sit down with the family.

Raya and The Last Dragon takes place in Kumandra where dragons and humans use to live in harmony. But then horror strikes from the Drunn which turns living things into stone. The dragons sacrifice themselves to save humanity. Now many many years later, the Drunn is back and it is up to Raya to save her country and her dad. 

Raya and The Last Dragon is a very intense but also a happy-go-lucky movie. It has its ways to keep anyone entertained. Whatever one’s interest may be, Raya and the Last Dragon has its way to capture any type of audience. The graphics of this movie are phenomenal and very detailed. The friendships in this movie are heartwarming and very different. This is hands down one of the best Disney movies out there. 

Raya and The Last Dragon has made over 36 million dollars in a total of one month! Though this movie is available on Disney Plus for a total of $30. It is also available at many movie cinemas. 

Colton Markwell, who was seen Raya and The Last Dragon twice, states, “I believed the main message of the story was to forgive others. And even though I watched it twice already is, I wouldn’t mind watching it again.” Markwell’s favorite character was Tuk Tuk which was Raya’s pet sidekick throughout the film. He very much enjoyed the storyline of the movie. His least favorite part of the movie was that the movie was about Raya and her father but never once mentioned her mom. However, the missing of one’s parent is common in many Disney movies. 

Evelynn Gutierrez loves this movie because of the Asian culture that is implemented in this film and the animation. Gutierrez stated, “My favorite character was Raya herself. Because she was able to learn from her mistake and still try to fix what she had broken.” She would watch this movie again because she really enjoyed the many small details. She believes the main message of this movie is trusting someone is a risk but you have no choice but to take it.