Softball played tough games against Harrison and Mt. Pleasant


Courtesy Photo

Monika Borie waits patiently in the outfield.

Maria Puga-Trevino and Jaszmin Harbor, Staff Writer

The Saint Louis High school varsity softball team held their first two games home against Harrison April 7. The team came out victorious taking game one 12-7 and game two 9-1.

Miranda Strong, “As an individual, I scored two runs. I feel like we did good, but we had some errors throwing and letting the ball get past the player. Their pitching was good, but the team itself was not very good. We play Valley Lutheran next, and I heard that their team was good. I hope that we will win and keep the season going with positive outcomes.”

The team is coached by Mike Philipack and Jim Hrabal. Josie Schrot stated, “I feel, overall as a team, we did great for our first game, but we are definitely going to face harder competition that we need to be ready for! I hope that our season will playoff normally, and I hope that no more people get contact traced. I thought that our team needed to work on our pitching for our next game. The team that we played against were really good pitchers overall, but bad as a team.”

The sharks play Valley Lutheran April 14 at home. Strong continued, “Hopefully we keep the wins going and have better luck on throwing and get the scores higher as the season continues. I don’t want anyone to get contact traced so we could have all of our players in order to have a good season. I do have some trouble seeing the future of our softball season with this new COVID problem that we as a school are having.”

The St. Louis Softball team went head-to-head with Mt. Pleasant on Thursday, April 14th at 4 p.m. and lasted for a whopping four and half hours.

Miranda Strong, a St. Louis softball player announced, “Sadly, we lost both of our games however, there were some highlights from that night. Izabelle Hrabal, a Pitcher for the team, had a good pitch and hit in the gap between left field and center field. Payton Kuhn, who is also a pitcher, pitched well. Personally, I know I can work on my pitching skills this season. After all, this is the beginning of the season so I will have to start practicing more and pushing myself harder. One thing that I could have changed is my pitching and as a team, we could have communicated better. We could have also done a better job stopping the ball from going past us.” Though they have had some losses this season, Strong feels a strong positive feeling toward this season.“As long as we keep our good attitudes and not give up, a successful rest of the season will be ahead of us!”

It is quite evident that our lady sharks gave it their all Thursday night but were defeated by Oilers! Better luck next time lady sharks!