Senioritis is taking over SLHS!


Alianna Vera-Carrillo

Danielle Luft (left) and Brooke Barrett (right) are excited about only having month or so left of school.

Alianna Vera-Carrillo, Staff Writer

St. Louis High School seniors are graduating, May 27, 2021. Now that the school year is about to end, seniors are going crazy. Most are either anxious or excited about graduating, but who blames them? Out in the world alone fending for themselves for the first time can be terrifying. Anyway, let’s hear what these seniors have to say.

According to Anthony Vera-Carrillo, a proud senior at SLHS, he says senioritis first hit when he changed to virtual learning. He says, “Now that I am at school, it feels like we are doing the same thing every day over and over again.” He has been very, very unmotivated since he came back. He adds, “I’ll miss all of the friends I made in this school. And also miss the teachers that became friends to me,” but, “I can’t wait to do things on my own time, not anyone else’s!” The one thing he regrets not doing in high school is that he would’ve done vocational classes and recommends this to the underclassmen.

According to Owen Downs, another senior at the school, he says that he will most definitely miss high school. “I’ve made so many friends and love the teachers in this school, I will definitely miss them.” He says he looks forward to being a free individual in the world and doing his own things. His plans after high school are to join the Air Force and become an engineer.  He says, “The only thing I regret is not having enough fun.” 

According to Zeke Abbott, another senior attending SLHS, senioritis started for him also when he came back to in-person learning. He regrets procrastinating all of high school and recommends losing the habit if you also procrastinate. He will definitely miss all of his friends that he made and lost throughout his high school years. He says, “I look forward to getting my own place and opening my own barbershop. He says, “I would’ve started learning and cutting hair at a younger age, so I would already have more clientele. 

Becoming a senior can and most likely will be nerve-racking, but these seniors will be truly missed.