Thrifting is becoming more popular among SLHS students


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Thrifting is making a comeback.

Autumn Mann, Staff Writer

Forget the expensive stores, thrifting is a hobby and trend that will never die. Thrifting is when people shop used clothing that was once owned by another person. Recently, thrifting has become extremely popular among teenagers. Thrifting is so popular among teens because most have developed a style or aesthetic that they enjoy, and thrifting helps them find items they may not see in actual stores. Thrifting is a great way to save money and keep the environment safe while reusing clothing. It has become popular among the teens and staff of St. Louis High School.

However, for some,  thrifting has always been something that they have done. Although, thrifting can be a pain sometimes because there will be times where you don’t find anything whether it’s because you can’t find your size or you just aren’t drawn to anything. But don’t lose hope because the more you go and thrift, you will discover some do’s and don’ts to thrifting and maybe even figure out when your local thrift store puts new clothes out on racks for the public. 

According to, “10 Thrifting Do’s and Don’ts from a Thriftaholic”, written by Emma Restuccia, “Today, thrift store and rummage sale outfits make up a large part of my wardrobe and closet space. As a college student, thrifting allows me to save money while not compromising fashion—there’s nothing better than finding name-brand clothes at a fraction of the normal price. But the thrill of the art of thrifting is not just in finding treasures at delightful discounts but also in creating a unique style and statement by combining vintage and modern pieces.” There are 10 do’s and don’ts according to Restuccia. They are. do know what you are looking for, don’t avoid details, do pay close attention to colors and textures, don’t be grossed about using other people’s clothing, do read tags, don’t shy away from accessories, do always try its clothes on, don’t be hasty, do be aware of discounts, and, finally, don’t be discouraged. 

SLHS senior Chloe Baxter loves thrifting! It is one of her favorite things to do during her free time. Baxter has been thrifting since she was younger with her father. Baxter states, “My favorite part would have to be finding something really different from what you would see in a normal store.” Baxter’s least favorite part of thrifting would be finding something she loves only to find out it isn’t in her size. Her go-to store for thrifting is Jerry’s Resale in Benzonia. It was the first secondhand store she went to. Baxter also stated, “What annoys me the most is finding things with the tags ripped off of them, so I can’t tell which brand the clothing is.” Baxter’s favorite section is the men’s jeans section and the jacket section. She loves baggy jeans that she can turn into something special and unique. She loves to find cool vintage pieces within the jacket section.