Boys’ and Girls’ Bowling hosts Bullock Creek


Jaszmin Harbor

A member of the Bowling team looks back at St. Louis’ program’s past success.

Jaszmin Harbor, Staff Writer

The St. Louis Boys’ and Girls’ bowling team hosted Bullock Creek at Pins, located in Ithaca, Jan. 31. Both the boys and girls lost by two points.

Alex Hardy stated, “We went against Bullock Creek, and that team is one of the top three bowling teams in our league. We placed second, but our top player was Caleb Noack. Dylan Luft was the second-best player because he scored five strikes in a row, so that was pretty impressive. Overall, even though we lost, we had a lot of fun and were happy we were able to have a tournament in the first place.”

John Mitchell stated, “Between me, Caleb, and Cody Hartman. As a team, we did pretty well. We lost by two points to Bullock Creek, but this was the closest our team has ever come to beating them, so our coach was pretty proud of us, and so was I. The people who played for the boys’ team were me, Cody Hartman, Alexander Hardy, Dylan Luft, and Caleb Noack. Dylan did pretty well because he ended up getting five strikes in a row.”

Danielle Thelen stated, “We had two bakers, which are whole games. Out of the girls’ team, I think all of us did pretty well with strong strikes and spares. We lost against Bullock Creek, due to their wild card of a player that they have, who is really good and scoring strikes. I was not able to see the guys’ team, but I heard that. I feel like our coach was proud- because our freshmen and new players did very well. All together as a girls’ team, we had at least 15 strikes and 30 spares. We hope to defeat them the next time we play against them, and take the win!”

The coach of the progressing bowling team is Bob Milks. Their next meet will be Feb. 6, held at Pins, playing against Bullock Creek once again, but it is just a scrimmage.