This year’s Matchomatics results are in!


Curtis Brashaw

Olivia Good is appalled when surveying her Matchomatics results.

Curtis Brashaw, Staff Writer

Every year St. Louis High School has a tradition of students filling out surveys to be matched with their classmates around Valentine’s Day. This event is known as “Matchomatics.” This year the surveys were sent out Jan. 15, and they became available to buy in Mrs. Biehls’s room Feb. 3. Many students immediately went to buy one out of pure excitement. Kylie Acker was disappointed after seeing her results though. Acker said “My number one was my own brother. That is wrong and so inaccurate! I don’t want to date my brother.” Even though she wasn’t in favor of her student matches, she was happy about her celebrity match who was Steph Curry. Many students had ideal matches in their heads, but due to the algorithm, they didn’t get them on their list.

Even though some were disappointed, other people were quite excited. For example, Korah Honig said, “I was thrilled to get my results back. I couldn’t have received better results. I get along so well with my number ones in both my grade and the entire school list: Allison Onstott and Curtis Brashaw.”

While most people got their results immediately, some didn’t have the time. Lauren Gager, for example, is going to get her results after school this week. According to her, “I hate Tom Brady, I really hope my celebrity match isn’t him — anyone but him.” She goes on to say that she hopes to match with her friends because she has no romantic interests at the moment.

The Matchomatics list is separated into two categories based on grade; one is the person’s own grade, while the other is the whole school. The lists have about 25 people in each. They are organized by a set of questions that the student filled out earlier. Then they are paired with people who have the most like answers.