Wifi’s poor quality is affecting SLHS


Alianna Vera-Carrillo

SLHS student frustrated at the poor WiFi quality

Alianna Vera-Carrillo, Staff Writer

St. Louis High School WiFi went out Oct. 7 during second and third hour. This is not the first time the WiFi went out, but here is what others have to say about it.

According to Mrs. Biehl, the business teacher, “It was annoying when the WiFi went out, but of course this is something we have to expect is going to happen every once in a while.” She says the first time it happened was during Accounting. It set back all of their projects, which was not even that bad she said. She said the students enjoyed it and they had a little extra bonding time. “It set us back a day, but that honestly upset me since there were students in the room,” she states.

According to Jacie Burnham, a sophomore, she enjoyed the WiFi going out. “We were supposed to have a quiz in honors biology, but we got to play dodge ball with Mr. Landis’ third hour freshmen,” she states. She said it was definitely a relief to play dodge ball and hang out with her peers instead of doing biology.