Is Facebook still cool?


Keegan Honig

Logan Abell debates whether Facebook is still cool.

Sarah Humphrey, Staff Writer

Facebook was once an extremely revolutionary app for its time. Founded in 2004, the site was the first of its kind to require users to register as themselves, making false identities forbidden. Facebook made connecting with others easy, fast, and free. This was extremely beneficial to political groups, businesses looking to ensure what their consumers really wanted, and artists wanting to interact with their fanbases. Posting, liking, and sharing were concepts that Facebook really helped bring forward in the early stages of the internet.

However, Facebook tends to be used less today. Many parents use this platform to post about their kids, but the kids themselves don’t log in as often. Quite a lot of teenagers do have profiles, but they seldom access them. It seems that Facebook has moved to something adults use more often than teens because that’s the only social media that they use. Kids chat with their friends through other media like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, which not a lot of parents use or even know exist.

According to Berenice Franco-Lopez, “I really don’t use Facebook that much; I do occasionally. I think most of the people who use it are older adults. I don’t think it’s very popular among teenagers.”

“I don’t think Facebook is as popular for the younger generation as it used to be. I think it’s more for the older generation. I just use Facebook to look through stuff when I’m bored. It’s more for parents to post about their children,” Joslynn Clark says.

The general opinion seems to be that Facebook no longer holds the same power for the youth as before. However, it is still used frequently, especially by older adults, so it’s doubtful that it will disappear anytime soon.